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About ICE Form I-312

This is usually to serve the ICE Field Office as proof of legal presence. See also, A Notice of Apprehension, Form I-693, and Note that, not all ICE Form I-312s may be on the ICE website).

”The notice of issuance contains the time and the destination point that the bond is required to arrive at. If the required bond does not arrive at the designated times, a check will be returned for refund.” (Internal Revenue Service, Notice of Bond Exclusion,, Oct 19, 2009) The Notice of Bond Exclusion (Form I-693) is a notification that the person designated to receive the bond (the “notified person”) is ineligible to receive payment, unless he or she presents the Bonded Alien to an ICE Field Office (to be reviewed by ICE officers) at a specified location. The notice claims that such a bond does not have a legal basis. It must be presented to the ICE Field Office the day after it is received. The Bonded Alien does not have a right to a bond at a specified time that day. The notice also cites a law in the United States Code which states that the person “shall be excluded from participation in any program or activity in which the person or an individual on his behalf would otherwise be eligible.” The Notice of Bond Exclusion states that persons “notifies the individual at the person's last address where the bond was issued and at no later time as notified in his notice of inclusion.” (Internal Revenue Service Notice of Removal, Notice of Failure of Bond,) The notice also states that a bond not required to arrive at the specified location is considered forfeited. If the Bonds are not present at the ICE Field Office the day the Notice of Bond Exclusion is received by the required person, that person will be instructed to return the bond to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent. ICE will not consider any bonds not received as part of the bond. A person can avoid the need to notify an ICE Field Office of non-delivery of a bond by simply notifying the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent that the bond was not present the day it was required.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ICE Form I-312

Instructions and Help about ICE Form I-312

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FAQ - ICE Form I-312

What is the purpose of ICE Form I-312?
Generally, this is a statement of your residence. You must send the documents you used in order to establish your residence to the local Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) office. Note: The I-414 form shows your current address, and you may send the I-412 form to the local office of the INS, without providing the address you used to establish your residence. What if I used a mailing address or an invalid address? If no address was provided with the I-408 form, you can still claim the I-314 claim by filling out and returning a new I-311 form.
Who should complete ICE Form I-312?
Applicants age 18 to 65 must have lived in the United States for 5 years, be at least 18 years old, and satisfy all the requirements for permanent residency under IRC Section 115(a) of the IRC, which states: Anyone who has been out of the United States for five whole years and the principal place of habitation of such alien has been in this country may be admitted for permanent residence if-- (1) He or she has been continuously present in the United States for 5 years and the principal place of habitation of such alien has been in this country continuously, and during the 5 years has resided continuously in this country; and (2) The alien has otherwise satisfied the conditions of paragraph (a) or (b) of the first sentence of section 1 of this order [amending Executive Order 13489]. How do I apply? To apply for an INA immigrant visa, you must be at least 18 years old and meet the requirements for permanent residency under IRC Section 115(a). You can complete the I-212 Form (Application for Advance Parole under United States law) (Form-1188-P) from either the USCIS website, or from one of our application providers listed at:. If your country of citizenship requires a medical examination, you may also complete a Form DS-260 (Medical Examination and Determination of Relative Eligibility or ineligibility for Temporary Residency or Citizenship [Fraudulent Application?]) From the USCIS website. If you are unable to complete online the forms listed above, contact one of our immigration attorneys: For more information about becoming an attorney, call us at 866.407.5777. For information about our fees in preparing, processing, representing, and defending cases, call 866.607.1858. In addition, for a fee waiver, you can complete Form FS-240 (Attorney Fee Waiver for Immigration Service) from the USCIS site. We charge fees only to US citizens (or applicants lawfully admitted for permanent residence and citizens of United States allies), but we pay fees for citizens of certain foreign countries. Call us at 866.407.5777 for information on how we bill you.
When do I need to complete ICE Form I-312?
If you have ever committed fraud or other serious criminal offenses, you must complete the “Fraud Prevention” portion of Form I-312 by April 30, 2013, no later than five years from the date of the conviction. If you have never been convicted of a criminal offense, or you have not completed any felony sentences, you are exempt from completing the “Fraud Prevention” portion by April 30, 2013. Who should complete the “Fraud Prevention” portion of Form I-312? Anyone who has committed fraud or other serious criminal offenses on Social Security benefits or has engaged in fraudulent applications, collections, or inquiries is required to complete this portion of Form I-312. Anyone who has engaged in fraudulent activities involving more than 10,000 on Social Security benefits, or who has filed false income tax returns is exempt from completing this portion of Form I-312. The only exceptions are individuals who have been prosecuted for Social Security fraud with a fine of not more than 250,000, or individuals who have been convicted of a felony under any federal law for theft. When are applications due for fraud prevention? Filing and payment obligations begin on the 10th day after the agency receives the completed form.
Can I create my own ICE Form I-312?
What should I do with ICE Form I-312 when it’s complete?
Complete an OSC Action & Stay Notice (PDF, 49 KB) to: • File an administrative fee waiver request with ICE: • Apply for permanent residency through an approved immigration petition:. For an explanation of what is an OSC Action & Stay Notice and how to complete one, please see Chapter 5-14 of OSC Bulletin V-2 (PDF, 704 KB). If you are an authorized beneficiary of an order, including a protected person (SP), you are not required to complete an OSC Action & Stay Notice even if you are receiving public benefits. A limited number of federal agencies, in cooperation with OSC, issue OSC Action and Stay Notices. If you encounter any difficulty in completing the Action & Stay Notice, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for instructions on filling in the form. Once you are finished, do not return the I-312 to the field office where you filed your application. Instead, mail it to our Miami Field Office at 2105 S. Federal Hwy, Suite A-1B, Miami, FL 33134, Attn: OSC Action & Stay Notice, OSC# 616. For further assistance calling or e-mailing OSC at please contact the Service Area Coordinator for your area. Can I use my I-312 to apply for a work permit? Yes. OSC will approve a provisional I-312 as a work permit only if it is consistent with the regulations in this chapter. This temporary permit will allow you to work while the final decision is being made. Once OSC has reviewed and approved the provisional I-312 as a work permit, you will receive a work permit. For more information on applying for a work permit, please see OSC Bulletin IV-42 (English) and OSC Bulletin V-13 (Spanish).
How do I get my ICE Form I-312?
You can obtain an ICE Form I-312 in any of the following ways: You can obtain an ICE Form I-312 in any of the following ways: When you purchase a residence registration renewal or registration renewal, or file an application for a change of identity, you must provide a completed ICE Form I-312. If you were a resident of Washington state at a time you applied for your change of name, you can complete I-101. What information do I need to complete the form? To establish your identity and date of birth, a state-issued photo identity card issued by the state or a U.S. passport with at least three years of validity and a birth certificate or a certificate of adoption of a U.S. citizen with a birth certificate. You may also request that the form be completed by a relative. Please note: All documents must be issued by a state or a foreign state. A child born outside of Washington state in infancy may be registered as a Washington resident. The state has no authority to issue documents to anyone outside its jurisdiction. You can obtain your birth certificate at: Birth certificates are not accepted for documents other than the I-312 Application. You are not required to complete information on the federal form. Contact the I-311 Service Center for assistance. I am not the biological parent of my child, but do have the power to sign the birth certificate on behalf of another person. Am I required to provide documentary evidence? No. Do all the documents I submit need to be original? Yes. If the required information does not appear on the appropriate form or if you wish to file it at your local registrar's office, you should include a certified copy of the documents you provide with your completed I-312. If you do not provide satisfactory identification or the documents are not original, you must request a change of name/renewal. You can make that request at your local registrar's office or online at. How do I change my address on the I-312 at my local registrar's office? You must provide a valid Washington state driver license, state identification card or a Washington state non-driver identification card or your passport.
What documents do I need to attach to my ICE Form I-312?
You must submit originals and copies of: A copy of ID A notarized letter from the person you intend to hire An employer authorization form (Form I-9) A copy of a court document Your application form Any supporting documents as listed in the information in this fact sheet. Can you help me apply the I-312 on paper or electronic filing? Yes. You can submit a paper form of Form I-312 to the Employment Security Commission. Once we receive a paper filing, we will create a unique electronic record. What documents do I need to submit during the application process? To apply for an EAD, you must submit a Form I-4. You must also provide the information requested on the application form. What form do I use to submit the appropriate documentation? To obtain a copy of your employment authorization document, you must: Go to your nearest U.S. embassy, consular post, or mission. Mail your request to: Office of Foreign Missions State Department U.S. Department of State 1100 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20520 If you have a Social Security number (SSN), send your request by mail to: Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General P.O. Box 1005, Philadelphia, PA 19 What documents do I need to submit to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? You must submit a completed Form I-360 if you wish to receive an I-551. If you need to file your I-960, you must also supply the necessary documents for a Nonimmigrant Alien Employment Authorization Form. You do not need a receipt to use the Form I-360 to apply for an I-551 if you are filing your I-960 via mail. Please note that when you send in your I-360, you can also choose to complete a Nonimmigrant Alien Employment Authorization Form (NI EFA) instead if you are filing a Form I-360 to receive an immigration benefit. What documents do I need to submit to the Department of State (DOS)? If you submit a completed Form DS-2019 to the DOS, you will need to attach either one document or one letter explaining each document.
What are the different types of ICE Form I-312?
Form I-312 applies to immigrants who do not fall under this category but who are seeking authorization to travel to the United States for business or pleasure. Form I-312 is required for all individuals who wish to travel to the United States at some other point in the future. The types of visas that are available to apply for an I-312 depends upon the individual and the circumstances, such as: For business or pleasure travel with limited stay, travelers can apply for Form I-129 which, depending on the situation, requires a letter of invitation from a principal. For individuals who are traveling to a place outside the U.S., Form I-865 can be mailed in and mailed back. For those travelers who are able to travel at some other point and to leave the U.S. on a later date, it may be a more satisfactory solution to apply for Form I-569, and then to obtain an invitation letter from a U.S. employer in the country of destination before leaving the United States. Finally, immigrants who are planning on living permanently in a certain country usually request that the Department of Homeland Security grant them permanent residence, which includes a travel document. Form I-213 is only used for individuals who require immediate travel to the United States. These individuals must apply for Form I-811, in order to travel by air to the U.S. However, once in the United States, they may apply for a Form I-210, if they require a letter of invitation from someone to whom they have a prior relationship to travel to the United States. Form I-621 is used when the traveler meets more than one of the following criteria: They are traveling to the United States to attend college, to obtain university or college credit, or to seek work in the fields for which they have a higher education or professional training. They are traveling to the United States to work without a work permit. Furthermore, they are traveling to the United States on a pilgrimage They are returning to their country The Form I-710 is for adults who are authorized to work. How long does it take to process my I-311 application? Generally, the process can take from 14 to 90 days. Some applications take longer.
How many people fill out ICE Form I-312 each year?
According to the 2010 Annual Report to Congress, the amount of I-312 applications filed with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) increased by 3.9% between 2010 and 2011, to 46,000 (about 2.2 million persons), an increase of more than 1% over 2009. For 2011, the overall number of I-312 forms filed grew by 3.3% to 46,000, with an average file size of 1,738 pages. About 3.1% of I-312 applications are approved, representing about 870 person-months (a small fraction of the total) for the entire year. (see Table 1) Table 1 In 2010, the first full year of data available for the 2010 Annual Report to Congress, 37% of I-312 applications from individuals were approved and 59% were denied. Of the 68% of applications denied, the main reasons were that the alien failed to present a birth certificate or other evidence identifying that person's U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident (LPR) or nonimmigrant status, failed to provide a DHS fingerprint or handprint, or failed to provide a DHS photograph (except in cases where DHS cannot verify the status of the LPR or nonimmigrant). About 10% of I-312 applications were referred to the DOJ for prosecution. (see Table 2) Table 2 In total, there were about 50,000 I-312 denials issued in 2011, of which more than half — 52.0% (41,849) — were due to the failure to provide a DHS photograph. About 31% (19,723) of I-312 denials were caused by failure to provide a DHS fingerprint or handprint. The remaining 7.7% (6,917) were the result of a failure to provide a DHS photograph. (see Table 3) Table 3 Among the total number of I-312 denials issued, about one-half were in FY 2011. In FY 2010, there were 23.5% (10,832) of I-312 denials issued in fiscal years 2010 and 2010. In FY 2011, there were 21.4% (9,693) of I-312 denials issued. In all, DHS issued nearly 60% (54,894) of I-312 denials between FY 2009 and FY 2011.
Is there a due date for ICE Form I-312?
Any request for a hold will be decided at the discretion of the officer making the immigration case. You will receive an administrative hold of either 90 or 180 days from the date you submit either Form I-312 or a Notice of Intent to Request an Order of Detention. It is in the best interest of the citizen to have these forms completed before the officer makes a determination and may lead to expedited adjudication of the case. Due to the nature of this process, ICE is not able to give specific timetables for processing, and all requests are determined on a case-by-case basis. If the form is issued before the court date, an order of detention will be issued at the same time as the form in the following form, if applicable. The court dates have been established for each request. The court dates will be notified to the person by the court reporter of the date the form is complete, if applicable. The person will receive written notice by mail prior to the date that their court date will be set. You may consult an immigration attorney if you have questions about the status of your request. How much does it cost to request a hold? The cost of requesting a hold varies by the type of order requested, which is based on the total amount of time requested. The total amount of time requested may be anywhere between 90 and 180 days from the date you submit either Form I-312 or Notice of Intent to Request an Order of Detention. Will the court process a request made by mail or via email? If so, how long will the letter take to go out? If your application is made on the internet, you may request notification of a court date by email to Please be sure to include your name and date of birth when emailing. If you receive a call from someone at ICE, you may request notification of your court date prior to your court date if you are unsure as to how long it will take for your letter to be sent out. Does having court documents or even a copy of a court transcript prove anything? The court transcript is the only evidence the U.S. court system will accept as proof of your immigration status. However, immigration attorneys can verify the presence of a court transcript or the receipt of a copy if it is needed to prove that you are the legitimate petitioner.
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