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How to prepare ICE Form I-312

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About ICE Form I-312

This is usually to serve the ICE Field Office as proof of legal presence. See also, A Notice of Apprehension, Form I-693, and Note that, not all ICE Form I-312s may be on the ICE website).

”The notice of issuance contains the time and the destination point that the bond is required to arrive at. If the required bond does not arrive at the designated times, a check will be returned for refund.” (Internal Revenue Service, Notice of Bond Exclusion,, Oct 19, 2009) The Notice of Bond Exclusion (Form I-693) is a notification that the person designated to receive the bond (the “notified person”) is ineligible to receive payment, unless he or she presents the Bonded Alien to an ICE Field Office (to be reviewed by ICE officers) at a specified location. The notice claims that such a bond does not have a legal basis. It must be presented to the ICE Field Office the day after it is received. The Bonded Alien does not have a right to a bond at a specified time that day. The notice also cites a law in the United States Code which states that the person “shall be excluded from participation in any program or activity in which the person or an individual on his behalf would otherwise be eligible.” The Notice of Bond Exclusion states that persons “notifies the individual at the person's last address where the bond was issued and at no later time as notified in his notice of inclusion.” (Internal Revenue Service Notice of Removal, Notice of Failure of Bond,) The notice also states that a bond not required to arrive at the specified location is considered forfeited. If the Bonds are not present at the ICE Field Office the day the Notice of Bond Exclusion is received by the required person, that person will be instructed to return the bond to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent. ICE will not consider any bonds not received as part of the bond. A person can avoid the need to notify an ICE Field Office of non-delivery of a bond by simply notifying the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent that the bond was not present the day it was required.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ICE Form I-312

Instructions and Help about ICE Form I-312

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FAQ - ICE Form I-312

What is the purpose of ICE Form I-312?
The purpose of this form is to provide notification of a pending decision on an immigration case that has a possible judicial resolution. This is required for a number of reasons: In order to enable the immigrant to secure the required court orders or other legal relief. If the case proceeds to an immigration hearing. By enabling the immigrant to prepare and present an accurate and complete Form I-311 at an immigration hearing and/or before an immigration judge if one is present. In order to protect against future violations of immigration law by the immigrant. This form contains the same information you would typically find in Form I-314 if an I-311 was received while an immigrant was in detention or an I-311 was submitted to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from an authorized detention center pursuant to a valid judicial order. What if I am an alien awaiting removal? If you are an alien who has been arrested on a criminal charge and a warrant for removal has been issued but have not been released for legal reasons, your case should be reported in ICE's Form I-311. ICE Form I-311 must be completed and returned to the Department of Homeland Security by the arrested by the end of the following business day. The completed form must be accompanied by a copy of any court or other court order, or a judicial petition, requiring the arrested to be released from detention. Do I have to show proof of legal status when submitting Form I-310? Your case is processed under the law based on the evidence provided for the offense or violation. If you submitted an I-310 and have no documents that show or suggest proper identity, such as a social security card, government-issued ID card, or employment authorization document, you should indicate with your I-310 whether you have a legal status in the United States. If you have not submitted proof of proper legal status, you must submit a response to the question on Form I-310, “Do you have proof of legal status?” The response should provide the full name and date of birth of the person requesting proof of legal status. This form is not used if the arrested is a United States citizen. I am an alien seeking a visa or adjustment of status. Can I submit a Form I-310 for that purpose? You should first submit Form I-310 to DHS for evaluation and authorization before submitting Form I-310 for any other purpose.
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