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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Immigration bond procedures

Instructions and Help about Immigration bond procedures

In the recent past there has been an increase in immigration enforcement many undocumented people have found it more difficult to live and work in the United States in 2022 the Real ID Act made it impossible to get a driver's license without proving legal status recently a law called the secure communities Act enables local law enforcement to prfingerprints of those arrested to both the FBI and immigration officials a foreign national is considered out of status when he enters the United States illegally or when his visa has expired immigration will most likely initiate a removal proceeding or the deportation process if officials arrest or catch individuals who are out of status it is important to know that people being placed into removal proceedings for the first time are entitled to a hearing before the court to determine what options they have but that right can be forfeited or waived sometimes people give up that right to a hearing without realizing they may be eligible to cancel the removal proceedings and obtain residence police or the immigration officers cannot automatically deport people unless they have been previously deported or under some circumstances involving very serious criminal charges or securities concerns the only way that you can be deported if you have not been previously removed is if you agree to a deportation or an immigration judge issues an order of removal not all removals at the border are deportations if you are detained at the border and are simply returned to your country it may not necessarily be a deportation consult with an immigration attorney the most common way undocumented individuals come into contact with immigration officials is as a result of driving offenses including alcohol-related offenses or domestic violence for example if an officer stops you when you're driving a car because he has probable cause to believe that you violated a law ordinance and you're unable to present a valid driver's license the officer does have the right to arrest you and take you into custody international driver's licenses are not valid unless you have legal status and have not established residents in the state in which you live if you are taken to a local jail your fingerprints will be taken and sent to immigration Customs Enforcement or what is known as ice if you do not have legal status they will place an immigration hold on you an immigration hold means that the jail can hold you until ice picks you up but for no more than 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays it is very important to understand that the 48 hours will not start until you have met all local custody conditions that means you must pay your local bond complete your jail time or otherwise satisfy the terms of your sentence for example let's say that you get arrested on a Thursday night for driving under the influence of alcohol a police officer arrests you and takes you to.

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