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i-860 Form: What You Should Know

S. If they are removed. ā€¢ A person removed through expedited removal is automatically subject to ā€œarraignment hearingsā€ at a U.S. immigration court. ā€¢ The U.S. government has certain legal and constitutional authority to remove expedited removals before arriving at theĀ  U.S. border, even if a person has already left the US. ā€¢ The government has the right to seize, maintain, and remove ā€œcertain propertyā€ when it is removed from theĀ  U.S. by a person who has an expedited removal order in effect. ā€¢ For more information, visitĀ  USCIS. Notice and Order of Expedited Removal. Notice Date: January 26, 2012. For a list of all I-485 applications with expedited removal orders, go to . See alsoĀ ,Ā andĀ for more information. For example, see This document contains many technical details about I-485. If your information is affected by the following, do not use it to apply for a visa orĀ  change your immigration status without consulting an immigration attorney. All individuals under theĀ  notice of removal are to take no action until their review is complete to determine their eligibility for anĀ  immigrant or nonimmigrant visa (or status). All persons subject to the notice of removal do not have the right to stayĀ  in the U.S. if that status is overturned or reversed. ā€¢ For people who received notice of removal from a court, the information about their case will typically beĀ  released not less than two months after a notice from DHS, not less than one month after a notice from TSA. The mostĀ  likely date is the date a notification is sent from the DHS Office of Refugee Resettlement, as specified inĀ  the notice.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form i-860

Instructions and Help about Form i-860

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