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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-296 immigration form

Instructions and Help about I-296 immigration form

Hi my name is Greg mcLaughlin I'm the managing attorney at sound immigration we're a nationwide immigration law firm that serves clients all across the world and we focus a lot on helping families achieve residency in the United States so today we're going to be talking about the forms and documents that typically go into a marriage based adjustment of status case also called a green card application now before we get started people focus a lot on thinking about the forms and supporting documents that go into these packets and it's definitely very important to get that right one thing that's equally important probably more important is ensuring before you ever file the application that you're eligible to do so why because if the application is denied you risk not just losing that application and the filing fee but you can potentially be placed into deportation proceedings if it's a process that you shouldn't have pursued in the first place so whether you talk to an attorney or just do your research yourself I just want to emphasize that you need to be careful before you ever get started with the process not just with the process itself please understand also that the information provided in this video does not constitute legal advice and you do not have an attorney-client relationship with our firm ok let's start by talking about the required forms that go into an adjustment of status packet and as you'll see there are quite a few of them now right off the bat understand that these forms are freely available from USCIS that's US Citizenship and Immigration Services once in a while we'll come across a client who paid some online probably scam basically for the forms but all of these are freely downloadable and you really should before you get started with any of these go to you SAS gov forward slash forms and make sure you have the most recent addition if you've picked up a paper copy somewhere hop online and make sure that it's current all of these forms are revised frequently and you want to make sure you have the most current version or else it can be the first form that goes with an adjustment of status application is the i-130 petition for alien relative and I think about this as the invitation from the US citizen or permanent resident spouse we also call that the petitioner basically this is the u.s. petitioner telling the US government that they want to demonstrate that they have a qualifying relative who is going to be going through the immigration process again this is basically the invitation from the US petitioner both the u.s. petitioner and the foreign national will file a form G 325 a biographic information form this basically has simple biographic background information about both individuals previous names they've used birth places of their parents and residential and work history sometimes it can take a fair amount.

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