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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Change obligor immigration bond

Instructions and Help about Change obligor immigration bond

Thank you here in South Florida reaction is growing to a series of highly publicized raids over the last week that saw hundreds of undocumented immigrants detained in 12 states a CBS 4s Gary Nelson reports the arrests included more than criminals and fear is growing about where agents may come knocking next Immigration and Customs Enforcement ice has conducted dozens of raids across the country capturing undocumented immigrants Republicans say the raids are nothing new that planning for them was underway before President Trump took office they were quite common in the Obama era as we know President Obama had a high number of deportations but Trump detractors note Obama prioritized dangerous illegals ice issued a statement saying those rounded up in the latest raids include criminal aliens and other undocumented immigrants president Trump has made no exception in his written orders twice his executive order on the fifth day of his administration sends a clear signal that he plans to follow through on his promise to deport 11 plus million immigrants from this country particularly worried their nearly two million so-called dreamers who came to the US as young children and were protected from deportation by the Obama administration that go to a Catholic Church where there's a lot of dreamers and they are worried they are worried they are very worried they're very scared they're scared even to go out president Trump's homeland security director says the green light has been turned on for ice agents to get to work and he told Congress the lawmen are pleased that have been set loose I bet if you watch the morale issue you'll you'll be surprised they're going forward but in immigrant sensitive South Florida GOP leaders don't want ice going forward too fast people are saying look if you're gonna deport violent criminals great get rid of those guys but the concern is that Trump campaign promised that everyone is fair game when might those targeted raids like those we saw all last week across the country be performed here in South Florida well a nice spokesperson told me not in the foreseeable future exactly what the foreseeable future means well stated in the newsroom Gary Nelson cbs4 news.

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