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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Immigration bond statistics

Instructions and Help about Immigration bond statistics

Hello my name is Tom Goldman with Goldman in Laughlin an immigration law firm I decided to make this particular video about the immigration bond process after receiving a call from a lady who was obviously stressed her husband of 12 years and father of her daughter had been arrested and detained by immigration customs enforcement she was desperately trying to find a lawyer who would explained the process her husband would go through the options she had and how long the process would take of course most importantly she wanted to know if he could get out of jail on bond and would he be able to remain in the United States her problems she said was that she could not find a lawyer to talk to her without an upfront fee so this video is for all of you who have had someone detained and you just want some information so you can begin helping your relative a friend hopefully we can help you understand the process so you can make an informed decision before spending a lot of money obviously this is not intended to be a substitute for you hiring an attorney to advise you about your particular case each case has to be examined carefully by a lawyer before you make any final decision about what you should or should not do so with that introduction let me start with a few basics the foreign national may be sent to a local facility within your state and sometimes more than one facility before finally being sent to a place where an immigration judge can review the case in some cases the foreign national may be sent out of state but most of the time that is not the case this process takes time so the family has to be patient and know that it will take two weeks or longer to have a court hearing it is best to contact an attorney immediately after the foreign national is detained but sometimes that is not practical because it takes time to raise money for the representation don't worry about the first hearing if an attorney has not been hired by that time the judge will set another hearing and give time to hire an attorney in order to establish communication with the foreign national look up the detention facilities website and you will be given directions about how to send money for telephone cause and information about visitation when you're able to speak with the detained person ask if any paperwork has been given by the immigration officer if so asked for the alien number or a number on the paperwork your attorney will need this information you can also prinformation to the detain person about the attorney you have hired or hoped to hire the process is basically divided into two parts first is a foreign national entitled a bond or will he or she have to remain in detention until the final.

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