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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Immigration bond sponsor letter

Instructions and Help about Immigration bond sponsor letter

I am Jim hacking immigration attorney practicing law here in st. Louis Missouri we want to tell you about an important new case that was recently handed down by a federal court in California that addresses the affidavit of support what is the affidavit of support this is the form that a US citizen sponsor files with a green card application to promise to support the non citizen at at least 125 percent of the federal poverty guidelines in the event the marriage based visa is approved so typically when a citizen wants to sponsor their wife or their husband to come to the United States they have to make a promise to the government to support the non citizen at at least 125 percent of the poverty guidelines and there's a mouth mathematical calculation that's done to support that and you have to submit that otherwise the green card application isn't going to be approved we've seen over the years some litigation regarding the affidavit of support in this case allows us an insight into the way federal judges would treat claims that an individual is not supporting their spouse pursuant to the affidavit of support by contract because ultimately the affidavit of support is a contract between the federal government and the citizen spouse they don't want that people come into the United States getting on the government dole getting government benefits they want to make sure that if we're gonna allow this person to come into the country and get a green card that the US citizen takes care of them in this case it was a second marriage the couple was from Turkey and the individual US citizen filled out the affidavit of support as part of the visa process interestingly the couple had entered into a prenuptial agreement and the prenuptial agreement said that if the marriage went south and the couple decided to part their ways that the US citizen would prno support in fact it said that they wouldn't prany financial support to each other so the couple got the visa the wife came to the United States she got her green card and it was a conditional green card because if you've been married less than two years you don't get a permanent permanent green card you get conditional permanent green card which means that after two years you have to go back to the Immigration Service demonstrate that you're still married and show that it's a bona fide marriage in this case the couple didn't make it two years they ended up getting divorced and the man never appeared to help get the conditions removed on the green card application the divorce was final pursuant to the prenuptial agreement the state court said that the man did not have to prany financial support to his wife from Turkey and the wife not happy with that result filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to compel the man.

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