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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to pay immigration bond

Instructions and Help about How to pay immigration bond

I'm andreas Ortiz an immigration attorney here with the Shouse Law Group and a lot of people ask me if I'm detained by immigration do I have the right to a bond and the answer is sometimes and whether you qualify for bond depends on a couple of things first a person who is arriving at a port of entry and is apprehended by immigration and is placed into removal proceedings before an immigration judge is ineligible to receive a bond additionally a person who has certain criminal convictions if they're transferred directly from state court custody to immigration custody may be ineligible for a bond and third if the person doesn't fall into either one of the first two categories they may be eligible for a discretionary bond before the immigration judge the immigration judge considers two factors the first is whether a person is a danger to the community and the judge will look at the person's past criminal history whether they've had any other issues run-ins with the law and then second they'll look at whether the person is a flight risk and in that situation the judge will look at the person's ties to the US whether or not it's possible that the person can receive immigration relief before the judge and also whether the person has a history of appearing before any kind of other tribunal however in the Ninth Circuit there is an exception for people who have been detained for more than six months in that situation regardless of whether the person has a disqualifying conviction such as an aggravated felony isn't a rising alien or was just denied on discretion that person is eligible for a new bond hearing where this time it's the government's burden to prove that the person is both a danger to society and a flight risk if the government fails to prove both of those elements then the person will be led out on a bond so if you or a loved one has been detained by immigration you know what I'd like to know if you're eligible to post a bond to get out of immigration custody it's very important that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney so call us at the Shouse Law Group and we'll do everything that we can to get your loved ones out of immigration custody you.


What are the ways to Pay for an Immigration Bond?
What are the ways to Pay for an Immigration Bond? Why does the US have documented immigrants serve to fight for our country, detain them, have to pay out money for bonds, and want to send them to prison for life? If the US sold long-term bonds to fund university scholarships for students from developing countries, could it pay off those bonds out of increased income taxes on high-income immigrants and reduced military spending? I was against Donald Trump until I watched the "Can't Stump the Trump" video. Is this normal? Would Brexit cause a brain drain from UK? In layman’s terms, what caused the 2022 financial crisis? How much do you have to pay to bond someone out of jail with a bond of $100,000? Have you ever found out your kid wasn’t yours by getting a paternity test? If so, what did you do and did you stay in the child’s life?
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