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How to complete any ICE Form I-312 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where is my immigration bond refund

Instructions and Help about Where is my immigration bond refund

Hi this is attorney Michael Perry Entei departing to law firm PC with John G Watkins of counsel mr. Watkins and I have a total of 55 years of combined law experience in the area of criminal defense today I'm talking to you from the Howard Hughes Center here in my conference room and the client of mine asked me when will I get my bail money after I post the bail money and the answer that question is going to be it depends first of all if you posted cash bail if you posted cash bail means you didn't go through a bail bondsman so if your bail was $5,000 and you posted $5,000 then you will get that money back either at the end of the case when you're sentenced or if you're found not guilty or many times were able to get that money back sooner typically what will happen is let's say that you're a tourist and you're arrested and you're charged with an offense you post your cash bail you leave town and then we go to court for you for your arraignment we're generally able to get the judge to exonerate the bill now when that happens then what's going to happen is it will take about six weeks for you to get that money back so let's say that you or your family posted that $5,000 with a credit card or you gave cash or you wrote a check to the Clark County Detention Center it's going to take about four to six weeks to get that money back even if you use their credit card they're not going to refund the money back to your card when the bail is exonerated now if you are in a situation where you've been charged with something here in Las Vegas give us a call if you're calling from out of state we're more than happy to talk to you over the phone or if you're here in Las Vegas come sit down with us let's talk in person about how we can help you Music.

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